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Scene Title: Caught Between a Cock and a Hard Case.

Storyline: While visiting his Uncle Bernie, Keiran's family loyalty is tested. When cornered by his uncle's new wife, Keiran is given a choice: give in to her fantasies or get deported back to England.

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What people are saying about: Victoria Valentino - Caught Between a Cock and a Hard Case. mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

If it's not my cock Victoria is sucking, fucking and footing, I don't give a shit whose cock it is. Victoria was quite the tease and quite the fuck.

Comment #2

was a great scene the only thing that killed it for me was the cum shot at the end he cum on her face but where or what did she use to wipe it off what happing to the mivie i like to see the fukk movie not just have ty but all together good storyline but be even better if she would have fucked the son first then all is well

Comment #3

Brazzers can stick Keiran Lee up their ass and so can the rest of you gay bastards (fawkface1) that feel the need to detail the cock status of all the asshole guys in porn!!! There is no such thing as a pornstar guy.....unless your gay. The girls rule!!! The girls are what it's about. The girls are the STARS. Keiran Lee, just acts like a jerkoff and probably is. People here are just tired of a jerkoff ruining the scene......except for you gay bastards that "admire" his cock.

Comment #4

Honestly by far the best scene from Victoria Valentino for as long as I've witnessed her fuck. She usually is into her role but always seems to lack in the sex department. She even came a pubic hair to almost deep throating him. She seriously rode cock like it might be her last scene. Sometimes you have to bring more than just have a pretty face and dimples. I liked the cumshot too. I hope she stays aggressive cause it worked well for her. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Okay, some of you whiny clowns that bitch about too many Keiran scenes, ever thought of why the female to male pornstars ratio is greatly in favour of women? First off, it's a hell of a lot tougher for a guy to be in porn than a woman. The average dick size is about 6 to 6.5 inches. Very few men have horse cocks like Johnny Sins, Keiran Lee and so forth. Secondly, of the men that do have horse cocks in society, not many of them are in porn for a myriad of reasons. One of them is stamina. I laugh when some of these comments guys brag they can bang a pornstar better than the stuntcock and yet if they'to porn. Do some of you clowns ACTUALLY think a 30 minute video took that long to film? Probably not. Some scenes take a few hours to film. Watch some clocks in some videos. You'll see a clock read 2 and then 20 minutes later in the video read 3:30. A male pornstar has to keep his dick ready to go during the shoot. I doubt any of us can safely say "Oh yeah, we can keep ourselves hard for 2 hours and standing around before resuming the plowing." A big dick doesn't guarantee a career in porn. It's being able to stay hard during the filming that can take several hours and keep the bags from popping until it's time to pop 'em like orville redenbacher microwavable popcorn.

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