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Scene Title: Best kept secret

Storyline: Priya Rai is the hotest mom ever!! She's got the perfect face and the perfect body!! Alex couldn't believe how hot his buddy's mom is. So when he saw her changing in her room, he couldn't help but to stare at her. When Priya noticed him, she got really mad but also turn on by the fact of getting the young man horny. She just loves young cock!

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Comment #1

miss PRIYA, baby, you just made this luckless night worthwhile for me. what can i say: i love everything about you. mostly the sound of your voice and that unmistakable twinkle in your eyes that scan the world ever in search of your next sexual prey, whom you intend to use to the fullest to quench the thirst for sex that seems so much a part of you... all your being seems to cry out to the world: " i love sex, i want it, i want it now; and i need myself a big-cocked male to come lick my hot little kitty before pounding me good and hard for all i'm worth..." Priya, honey. if i had a woman like you at home, i'd always be asking you to sit in a chair, half-naked with just heels and a top on , & getting to work eating that beautiful, sweet little snatch of yours for as long as you'd want me to. then i'd fuck you senseless 'til you couldn't take it anymore. and, to finish it off, i'd just spray your gorgeous breasts (& that awesome cleaveage) with the biggest load you've ever seen come out of a cock. sweetheart, if you ever find yourself alone in Montreal (CANADA), look me up in the phonebook and call me over to your hotel room: i'll show you just what i mean. i just can't get enough of you to satisfy my sexual hunger to have myself some fine, incomparable Priya RAI... alan r. xx

Comment #2

Priya gets full marks for enthusiasm. When the talent is genuinely into the sex, the mommy got boobs scene is always the better for it. Yes, the guy had a little trouble keeping wood in the middle of the scene, but I didn't feel that it detracted from the scene too much. I was rather amused by, "Give mommy that dick!" For a moment I felt like I was watching "Taboo." It's too bad that porn can no longer delve into some of the more forbidden fantasies. All in all, a really good mommy got boobs scene. Bring Priya back soon. One scene with her since the start of '09 isn't enough.

Comment #3

Well..She's the most great pornstar ever seen..wanna fuck her!!!

Comment #4

This guy is the luckiest bastard on earth!! Priya you're as good as it gets!!!

Comment #5

Such a sexy woman--too bad she's got such fake tits. Her screaming is also a little strange... but, this mommy got boobs scene is good otherwise. To respond to the guy above me; the dude's dick was so big it didn't matter it was limp and i didn't really notice it at all. He was probably nervous about fucking such a hot bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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