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Scene Title: Mommy's Dirty Little Secret

Storyline: Victoria wants to keep a secret, but she's gonna have to work hard to accomplish that. She had fun in the process for sure. She loves them young and strong. My man laced it on her like it was her first time. She'll be back for more, wait and see..

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What people are saying about: Victoria Valentino - Mommy's Dirty Little Secret mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

The actors seem extremely bored; not sure if that's their fault or the writer and/or director. Can't you guys help them out with some interesting dialogue that adds something to the scene's excitement? How about why she's doing online porn? "My husband lost another job and we needed money. I'm so embarrassed." What about the guy having to talk her into it? "I thought the video was really good. You've got a lot of potential. It's too bad your husband has to find out but I feel obligated to tell him." And the MILF being somewhat scared/reluctant? "Please don't tell my husband. He would never understand. And Charlie would be so humiliated." Of course, some sex talk other than "oh, yeah, ah, oh, oh, yeah" would be appreciated: "This is what you get for being a slut.", "Please don't make me do this on my husband's bed.", "Oh, God please slow down or I'm going to come! I can't come with you!", "Fuck me back or I'll tell your husband how hard you came on my cock.", "Oh, no! My cell is ringing. It's probably my husband.", "Answer it! I want to fuck you while you talk to that loser!", etc., etc.

Comment #2

BORING SCENE! DL DENIED.She's cute but...I'm agree with mad MARYJANE420(I like to hear women's comms) no acting skills.I suppose that the young man breaks his pants frecuently.Be naive is different of being dummy.It's so hard to find decent studs? fitting men? or just hire friends?

Comment #3

i shot a pretty big load pretty far after this. i got some on the top my left shoulder and i'm right-handed

Comment #4

I have grown quite fond of this hot woman. I think she could easily pass as Natasha Nice's older sister.

Comment #5

Victoria has got a bangin ass body. The set up wasn't bad just showed no acting skills. It goes really without saying but I don't want to be left out. I would complain about the edit job but I don't think Brazzers did at all. If this is the first time you noticed Chris sounds slow, then maybe you are the retard. Snoogans!

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