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Scene Title: Kill My Husband And Then Fuck My Face

Storyline: Tabitha is tired of being a trophy wife, but she has become accustomed to her affluent lifestyle. With divorce out of the question, she decides to seduce her son's tutor into ridding herself of her fat stupid husband.

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Comment #1

We NEED MORE TABITHA!!!!! She is at her sexiest ever!!!

Comment #2

Great to see Tabitha here. I like how the story had a lot to it, but it moved real quick. Once she started giving him brain it reminded me of Nicky & Ginger in Casino. Man can she devour a dick, hasn't lost a step in that regard and I like how she kept starting & stopping. Once Dera got to fucking, he turned her out nice, especially with the mish on top of the couch. Plus her dirt talk was still on point. So he really shot dude, huh? Great mommy got boobs scene, hopefully we got more Tabitha comin...

Comment #3

Shes a true pornstar. There is def a place for her i the adult film industry. Anyone who says otherwise doesnt know what they are talking about.

Comment #4

It's been so long since I've seen Tabitha in action. It damn near feels Jurassic. For a scene that was under thirty minutes, gotta give props for a damn good story. Easily could have been on RWS but what the hell. Still gives head like I remember just with less teeth involved. Has it been that long since she has been dicked down? She had that priceless look on her face when she was on the arm of the couch. After the cowgirl and mish, it was like business as usual for her. She tried with the dirt talk but Major Stud ended that when he stuffed the treat in her mouth. Her face has drastically changed over the year. At least her skills are still present. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Tabitha was one of the first pornstars I watched. Great to see her debut on Brazzers featuring the two things every good porn scene needs - titfucking and a nice facial!

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