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Scene Title: A friend you can trust in; a cock you can depend on.

Storyline: What makes a woman really unhappy is when her husband can not appreciate her natural beauty; so like many women out there, Sophia took the liberty to get new boobs but her husband still could not appreciate her. With no one at home during the day to keep her company and no one by night to keep her satsified, her girl friend sends her to a Boudoir photographer who would take beauty photos of her. She suprisingly returns home so happy to see her husband. So what happened? If your wife is not complaining, something is not right because you didn't fix it, someone else just did.

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What people are saying about: Sophia Lomeli - A friend you can trust in; a cock you can depend on. mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

Hot scene - this one had all of the things I usually like. Good setup, hot chick, stockings are a plus, a woman showing genuine interest in sex and plenty of reverse cowgirl. Also, no quacking, spitting, choking, or other nonsense. Two thumbs up, I give this mommy got boobs scene a 10.

Comment #2

Wow Alexis Silver appearance. I remember when she performed for the Worlds Best Porn Site. Thank you ZZ for giving Charles so much face time. He is so fucking dreamy it's unreal. Never been a fan of Sophia. I mean she is beautiful but that's where it ends. I don't think the rest of her body is all that. Well her showing off the cleavage at the beginning was fine. The story was really good. I liked the strobe light part. I'm gonna be nice and say had she wore a corset with the garter would have been much better. Nice ending with some Kory Fame. Snoogans!

Comment #3

this looks good! nice rack and the fucking with the stockings looks great!

Comment #4

sophia is one of my favorites on these sites. her previous scene with Jonni on MLIB is still one of the hottest scenes ever done. I want to see more of her with the MLIB or PLIB sites. she's a great actress and tease

Comment #5

Sophia Lomeli is SO my type...a voluptuous and mature busty brunette with a smooth tanned complexion...I can't see enough of her. Her second shoot for MILFS LIKE IT BIG with Keiran Lee is one of my favorites of hers. I hope to hell that Charles can bring the heat because Lomeli is someone who works up to the level of her partners so you have to engage her constantly to keep her energy level up. She can be a dead fish or SUPER fuckin' all depends on the guy.

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