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Scene Title: Getting A Better View

Storyline: Wein decides to pass by his buddies house but he is not at home. However, after seeing his friends hot mother it ends up being better off that way.

Boobs MILF: Sharon Pink

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What people are saying about: Sharon Pink - Getting A Better View mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

Great Scene your man Wein performed well and has a future in the industry, his partner 35yr old Sharon Pink with her spectacular natural big boobs done up in sexy lingerie was as usual magnificient and who realy cares if she is being fucked as a red head or a blonde. if she requires acting lessons lets give her more scenes to perform in. overall great its why I'm a member MORE of her Please.

Comment #2

A very nice mommy got boobs scene. Sharon Pink is one hot East European Mommy, and like a lot of other fans have mentioned, the outfit was very sexy (the body stocking and red thigh high boots - I'd love to see more fetish type clothing like this on Brazzers). I agree with Snoogans abour her look: here, she is a busty blonde babe in the classic style, and you can never have too many of them. But I really liked her look in her last scene when she was the teacher who fucks the lucky Voodoo - her red hair done up in that way with the glasses was soooo sexy, and different. Still, she can always change, I suppose. A simple story, with some really intense, hot fucking - Great! I liked the close ups of Sharon's face when she roars 'Fuck me!' in her delicious accent. There is something very feline about this East European ladies. Oh, and your man Wein Lewis did a fine job, too. I don't know who he is, but on this form, he has a future. Keep up the good work, guys!

Comment #3

Since this something from overseas, I can't complain about the story too much. Just scene that type of scenario way too often. I liked her hair color and style alot more in her previous scene. She looked fucking awesome in her lingerie body suit. A couple things I liked about this mommy got boobs scene. The oral pleasure they gave each other was pretty damn hot. The sixty-nine could have been filmed better. His fucking crossover doggy was fucking awesome. The cowgirl positions had some good intensity to them. Added bonus was her boobs bouncing like crazy. Her boobs needed to be splattered with cum. Didn't matter though cause he wasn't packing enough ammo. Snoogans!

Comment #4

shes a hot chick this guy had a weak cum shot if it were me i would cover the bitch face and tits in cum. make a scean with cum on her face and her trying to suck more cum out while her face is covered in cum not that would be good.

Comment #5

Banshee, love your idea, but I'll just take Veronica Rayne with Sharon Pink. Knee or thigh high boots; body stockings; tongues flashing; breasts licked, pulled, sucked and bitten; hair pulled; faces fucked by cock and cunt; nails across raked across backs and asses. Breathless, gasping, sweating and heaving sex whether between just these two or some lucy sap included. The man wouldn't matter to me; he'd only be an accessory anyway. I would love to see these two together, though. How erotic would that be?!

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