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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Busty Mom wants a new cock to play with and fucks her friends son

Scene Title: Scandalous Mom

Storyline: Sarah was getting tired of her husband never being on time and not showing her the affection she needed. Luckily this time her son's friend was willing to give her a ride home. Once he was invited in he knew he was finally gonna get to experience a mature woman like he has always wanted. Sarah too has always wanted a young man and she got her wish today... scandalous

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She is much hotter than the chick from Sex In The City. This mommy got boobs scene had a nice set up and I liked the lengthy reverse cowgirl section. I didn't watch any further because I had to go to bed. Thumbs up based on what I saw; an enjoyable scene that got the job done.

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When I first saw Sarah Jessie back in Dec, I didn't really noticed how big her boobs were. She really makes Sarah Jessica Parker look like crap. This was a really good scene with a change of pace. I enjoyed how the story was told. I wish he would have played hard to get just a bit stronger. The sex was pretty average and the cumshot was pretty weak. Chris get on that celery diet. The story and how hot she looked carried the sex for 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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Now this girl is FUCKING hot. I'm not usually a fan of fake tits and all that mess. But this girl is just absolutely banging. Tits look nice on her. Her face is sexy as can be, and I love the way her hair looks also. No complaints here. Bring her back for another mommy got boobs scene soon!

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sarah they had you looking fucking hot in this scene. nice dress and your are one skinny chick. chris not a bad scene with sarah but next time on the cumshot leave that dick out so we can see the cumshot. sarah we are not sure if crhis cummed like johnny sins (huge load) or alec knight (couple of drops) but at least you gave it a shot. sarah you would look hot in a threesome with hunter based on your slinder bodies!!! not a bad mommy got boobs scene.

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