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Scene Title: Remembering The Past

Storyline: Sara Jay's daughter was getting ready to go to prom when she told her mom about the change of plans. Instead of going to the prom with Keiran, she went with Lex. Sara Jay was upset by this and when Keiran arrived it brought back memories that she just had to share. Once the story was over Keiran was already face first in her tits. One thing led to another and Keiran gave this mom the biggest dick she has ever seen...

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Comment #1

What a prom goer's dream, a whore for a mother who's hot and built like a brick shit house. Love Sarah Jay, she's such a slut! Love here big tits and ass!

Comment #2

I think part of the appeal of this woman is that - while she may not be the picture perfect cutie- she can out screw any girl on this site and nothing with her ever seems acted out or fake. She seems to be having a blast and isn't as concerned with "posing" as much as tring to blow your mind with what she can do.

Comment #3

How could a guy find bigger tits than Sara Jay? She does a great job deepthroating Keiran's huge dick! Sara Jay is such a dirty pig, I love her! Great cumshot!

Comment #4

ara is fucking amazing. hottest milf in the industry. ava is a very close second, but ava's tits look pretty rough these days, she should do some bra scenes (her and audry while im at it) - sara is such a fucking great performer, and that body, dear jesus. the people that think shes fat, i just dont know what to say, you must like chicks like sasha (i do too, but come on... sara is built for amazing sex)

Comment #5

Good setup. It reminded me of that episode of "Friends", lol. The whole script with the flashback of Sara in the 80's getup was good, and it was so hot how she seduced him right there on the couch; very believeable. For some reason I thought something was missing from the sex, there seemed to be a disconnect Or maybe I'm used to seeing Kerian totally plow through these girls, and Sara Jay has taken a lot of poundings like that in the past so it really didn't phase her, idk. Still a good mommy got boobs scene. I'm gonna go on record and say that I normally wouldn't be attracted to her type in my personal life, but knowing what Sara Jay could do to my dick with those curves would have me dropping my drawers without thinking twice.

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