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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Ricki Raxxx comes back for another adventure in MGB

Scene Title: Oral Probation and the long finger of the law

Storyline: Marie brings her boyfriend over to meet her mom Ricki. What she doesn’t know is that her boyfriend is Ricki’s probation officer. As a matter of fact, Marie had no idea her mom had problems with the law so once all three of them are in the same room, a lot of dark secrets are revealed. Marie mentions a few compromising things that could get Ricki thrown to jail. Ricki now has to fix things with Officer Jack the same way she always does…

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What people are saying about: Ricki Raxxx - Oral Probation and the long finger of the law mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

I love the nails... and all the other goodies. Ricki has it all going on. I wish more girls did their nails like this... SO HOT!

Comment #2

Ricki has to have the best set of tits on Brazzers hands down,and the tattoo's and jewellery add to a positive mix and believe me tattoo's do nothing for me,and i'll say as well this was a 10 all across the board.

Comment #3

Wow I can't believe they finally put this movie out. Guys this was my first ever porn scene I ever did! They scheduled me to do this video and the Mommy likes it big with Ralph Long both shoots were done in the same day literally back to back. I am glad you guys enjoy the video. Thanks for the support, Ricki Raxxx

Comment #4

I love the continuation scenes, this one being from when she fucked Ralph Long. The flashback was awesome, and I love how Jack was wearing a legit-looking cop uniform. Her tits are just fabulous, one of the best pairs ever. Ricki's bj skills and on-screen presence has improved immensely since her debut, so respect to her on that. I love her little one-liners ex - "get that pussy". Hot shit. The ending was good too. Solid mommy got boobs scene and I am becoming a huge fan of hers

Comment #5

Ricki, I am a big fan of yours and have been for quite a while. I joined Brazzers when I saw your tailer in this new video Mommy Ggot Boobs.. You are a "knock out" in my book. Please don't pay attention to the negative comments some of the participants have written.. Your tattoos are nice to look at . You nails are magnifficent!!! Especially with the manicure your are sporting and those white tips are beautiful... Not to mention your eyes, eyelashes, titts, legs, butt.... And your mannerisms are captivationg! You are just amazing! I love watching you perform! Love the Bj and mommy got boobs breast scenes they are the best I have scene. Great Job! I hope Brazzers will have another video of you very soon.

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