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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Priscilla Sin in Helping out around the house scene

Scene Title: Helping out around the house

Storyline: Poor Johnny just got dumped by his girlfriend and to top it off , she kicked him out! Luckily his best friend's mom Priscilla Sin is going to let him stay at their place - just so long as he does a few "chores" around the house. Looks like Johnny's not gonna have time to take out the trash or help with the dishes, cause he'll be too busy taking care of Mrs Sin's wet pussy and GIANT tits.

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MaryJane, my my you feeling a little aggressive today because you're six minutes late putting your comment on :P x1j1bitz, indeed after posting my comment it didn't work twice on me but tried on different names & it worked. If you can't get on then, unlucky, it looks good so far :)

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LMFWAO. You're all shot loads one is commenting on how this Priscilla scene is WAY better than MILFS LIB...a sight that I have No Problem accessing btw :).

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What the fuck is everyones deal? Shut the fuck up already about not getting to see the new site. That's great kodkor that you want to fuck little boys. Isn't Kurt alittle too old to be pretending to be young when he isnt close? Priscilla thank you for putting in a great mommy got boobs scene. Snoogans!

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Oops kept hitting refresh and didn't realize it posted my same comments over and over, just frustrated not being able to get to the MLIB site and being on my period not nice to mess with my mood now lol. K need to buy some groceries hope by the time I get back it is accessable. Kisses to all. P.S., Sherold22 are you female and if so are you bi? JK

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All of you have access to Check the Scenes in the network girls. Enjoy!

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