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Scene Title: Bad Date

Storyline: Mrs. Ireland came back from a horrible date and she had no idea her son's friend Ralph was in the house when she asked for some help. Ralph is a good samaritan so he came running to help her undo her stuck dress. Next thing he knows he's complimenting her on her massive tits and she saying how she loves big young cock. He had no idea he would end up...

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What people are saying about: Kylie Ireland - Bad Date mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

high caliber milf, awesome body and she looks better now than she did 10 years ago. I'd pay top dollar to lick her asshole

Comment #2

Kylie Ireland is one of most fav stars .....i met her awhile back to take a pic with her and get a auotgraph...on my a strip club..met her afterwards ((((((((((((((((((((((((((PLEASE MORE OF KYLIE))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Comment #3

Well, a very average looking girl for this mommy got boobs scene, but at least she wasn't too old looking or just plain ugly. She's one of the better looking girls I've seen on your milf sites this year. and Ralph finally cut his hair! I didn't think the sex was that great though, maybe a different partner would have changed that, not sure though. I was yawning during the sex, so I think the sex could have been better, much better. I liked the storyline, it was alright. 7/10

Comment #4

Damn, Kylie looks great still after all these years. Angelica Sin and Friday gotta talk to her about staying in some type of shape. This was a good setup. I LOVE the kissing (there should be more of it) and the titty cumshot (there should be more of those, too). Ralph sis his thing, too. Excellent scene.

Comment #5

Incognito well you have good taste sugar, the pic you have is hot I would do her lol. Glad you like my ass I like it too lol. Would write more but need to get kids to finish their homework and get them to bed so I can soak in a bubble bath I need it and deserve it. Join me? Sorry a bit too much wine. If you like you can contact me at the Y on email. It is keeper482002. Bi the way I am 40, and have two kids, live in Memphis and am 20 pounds overweight and some stretchy marks comes with the territory. I do not do IM though not enough time with the kids always over my shoulder. Thanks again for the compliment sugar, sweet dreams. Jana Kay

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