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Scene Title: Big Boobs Are Bliss

Storyline: Scott Nails and his band are working on a new song when Andre's mom Kayla walks in the garage with some snacks for them. Those big tits of hers will give Scott the inspiration he needs for a hot new track called "Big Boobs Are Bliss". Kayla herself will play the drums...

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What people are saying about: Kayla Synz - Big Boobs Are Bliss mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

Just the kind of scene I love: funny, silly, and soooo sexy! A great set up with the band practice, and Kayla really made it with her great perfomance. She is one super hot lady, and that outfit she wears is jaw-dropping; very sexy, yet very believable for her character. As for her hair, yes, she was sexy as a blonde, but her new short brunette look gives her a whole new dimension; there are plenty of sexy blondes, but she now really does look like the hot housewife with her new hairstyle from the salon, and it's perfect for this kind of role. Just a great fun, sexy mommy got boobs scene. A big thumbs up to Kayla and all involved.

Comment #2

How can any red-blooded American male not blow his ship watching this gorgeous brunette MILF work? The short brunette look totally works for her and she's just smoking hot. Any 20-something guy would just love to be schooled in the ways of sex by a woman like this. I'd be her student anytime. Mama!

Comment #3

This was good, but it took waaaay too long to get going. Kayla playing the drums with her boobs popping out wasn't silly and not-needed. It would have worked a lot better if the other 2 guys just went to chase Andre after he quit; would have saved 3 minutes of unnecessary build-up. The song, however, was really funny, good job on that. The sex was solid, Scott and Kayla are both great in their perfomances and it was evident here. I particularly like her bent over leaning on the speaker. Good scene.

Comment #4

Oh my God, Kayla is a new discovery. I hope she's at AEE in Jan. as a pic with her would be nice. Don't care if she's blonde, brunette, or redhead, personally...and why the constant complaints about every physical detail. I like all the girls to be a little different. Performance really matters most to me in a scene. I love MILF scenes. These women leave many of the younger starlets in the dust. And I love it when MILFs act and dress like horny schoolgirls. Majoy turn-on. I love the acting here because she plays it very ditzy and horny. Sorry if it's politically incorrect but a dumb brunette is hotter than a dumb blonde! And a ditzy MILF who has no problem fucking her son's friends is majorly hot. And no I'm not calling Kayla dumb, but man it's hot when she pretends to be!! Great scene.

Comment #5

got so hard watching Kayla play the drums with her titties bouncing around! More scenes with Kayla as she so natural with the camera on. I really busted a nut on this scene, WOW!

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