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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Horny Holly gets fucked by her daughters boyfriend in the park

Scene Title: Big Bold Booby Trap

Storyline: Holly Halston owns a beautiful ranch with horses, other farm animals, and she also has a daughter. Her daughter is a little bit slutty and always brings home guys with huge dicks. Like mother like...daughter Holly passed on her slutty behaviors to her daughter. Holly benefits from this because she very captivating tits that she uses to steal her daughters boyfriends away. Keiran falls right into Holly's booby trap (pun intended) and everyone goes home happy, except for holly's daughter who is already at home, alone.

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What people are saying about: Holly Halston - Big Bold Booby Trap mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

This site is the best by far, by a long mile!! Love the acting, some of it is so corny that its hilarious!! lol!! Awesome porn as well, not to forget the main point,lol. Lots of big titted ladies on this site, its unreal! Love it, as I am a big tit lover! Awesome site, keep it coming! Brazzers, thas' wat it is!

Comment #2

I see why Keiran gets so much hate. Not only is he fucking a real married woman but he gets to grab and kiss on an extra. The lizard freaked me out with that voice. I thought I was seriously tripping. It's a good thing they were out in the wilderness cause Holly is an animal. Started off with some sixty-nine which seems to be getting popular since Hot and Mean has come along. Even though the titfuck was sloppy every time, giving credit for the different effort. I wasn't feeling the spooning but it was so dirty watching talk to him. The cowgirl variations were extremely hot. I personally loved the doggy too. She was real close to ankle grabbing. Seems to be alot more trigger pulling coming from the chicks. She's on fire as far as I'm concerned. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Very good setting, nice little setup, I enjoyed this one, even though, I felt K should have put her on all fours a bit, she's put on some weight, but doesn't hurt her appearance. I give this scene 9 out of 10! Get Holly back in action!

Comment #4

The older Holly gets the hotter she gets...she's just WOW a bombshell is not enough to describe her! Effin amazing, Kiran...I'm ok with him, the only thing is the chocking thing...but overall he's alright, please, let the girls stroke and make u cum until the end...we love it when they do all the work! Keep it up guys

Comment #5

Holly shit, she is better than ever before, what a woman hothothothot.......

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