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Scene Title: Come Get a Taste

Storyline: Brooke has a soft spot for her son's friends, so she is in for a real treat when Charles goes over to play a friendly game of basketball with her son Lee. Brooke loves new meat and can't wait to be introduced to Charles.

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What people are saying about: Brooke Haven - Come Get a Taste mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

Great tittyfucking here! Brooke's new tattoo is hellaciously bad, though. next time, shoot the scene from the angle that doesn't make her look like a carnie. :) I still give it a 10 for the titfuck

Comment #2

If scenes are gonna continue be redundant, at least flip the script. So she's eyeballing him and pleasuring herself. I have no problem with lemon juice dripping or her hitting on him outside. Now once his friend is gone have her playing hard to get. One last suggestion if you're gonna have a body like that in bra and panties. It would be best if you capture it all in it's entirety. Like with a behind shot of Charles face in the background and his eyes popping out. Usually you get two performers like this together and you might want a Tazer close by. The head game was strong by Brooke. Even got some proper titfucking in. So now the mommy got boobs scene is on the highway to hell cause I felt nothing after that. The chemistry was lacking and it showed in the performance. Get Miss B Haven in cowgirl STAT. Snoogans!

Comment #3

lol at brooke leaving the iron face down on the jeans. i love her nips and i like ink

Comment #4

Brooke keeps getting better. I could look at those fine tits for hours.Lots of action in this scene.

Comment #5

I freakin love Brooke!!! She is Brazzers best when it come to dirty talking too!

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