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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Brandi Edwards fucking the laundry machine operator

Scene Title: The Mayshag Man

Storyline: When Brandi needs some sexual healing, she always hits up the clothes washer for a spin. Unfortunately she breaks the washer and is left high and dry. Good thing for her she can depend on the Mayshag guarantee when something needs fixing.

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What people are saying about: Brandi Edwards - The Mayshag Man mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

She looks better as a Blondie no doubt... She has a great body..She looks like a VERY HOTT MILF I honestly dont know how old she is. The only thing i can bitch about are her boobs they look kinda fake. I'm sure they are fake but i like that they look real for the most part BUT not when they're hanging down like when she's in doggy style Brandi my love MOST men like fake boobs that LOOK real...

Comment #2

I was slightly disappointed in this mommy got boobs scene. I was pretty positive that someone was moving the washer to get it to rock like that. Then it was confirmed when I saw the dude's cap down by the washer. This scene really didn't flow like I wanted it to. Brandi was really intense in this and I don't think Keiran matched her efforts. The mish was fine but it seemed like it was half-assed. The riding looked like it was gonna be good but being on the washer cramped their style. The doggy and spooning was about the only thing going on here. Oh well can't win them all. Nice setup though just missed the follow through. Snoogans!

Comment #3

I would marry this whore - fucking perfect tits and tight body, likes getting sodomised and gorgeous too. Just perfect.

Comment #4

fuck she is amazing. There should be way more scenes with her.

Comment #5

God, I'm glad Brandi's back...and blonde. Last time she tried that stunt, she got overshadowed big-time by Tanya James, but doing a solo scene will definitely prove that she's quality on her own.

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