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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Austin loves to fuck her daughters boyfriend huge cock

Scene Title: Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Tub

Storyline: Austin has a huge crush on Keiran who is going out with her daughter. She will stop at nothing to seduce his socks off with no regard for her daughter's feelings. She believes that if at first you don't succeed; try try again.

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What people are saying about: Austin Kincaid - Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Tub mommygotboobs episode

Comment #1

Awesome scene! Austin has one of the best pussies I've ever seen! The kind like no MILF I've ever seen.

Comment #2

Austin is the horny wife next door that you're just dying to bone. What a pretty face and such a nice, big, sexy Southern piece of ass. Oh, and did we say she can suck the lead out of a pipe.

Comment #3

Austin Kincaid just takes my breath away every time. She looks just awesome in this mommy got boobs scene; with her hair up, in her bath surrounded by scented candles, she looks like some sort of Greek Goddess! As she rides the lucky Keiran from on top, her back arched, her beautiful tits jutting proudly, her eyes shut and mouth open in ecstasy...pure porn poetry!

Comment #4

Another amazing big boobs scene from my favorite milf looking hot as ever. She is truly one amazing woman i can never get enough of her. By far the best on this site. Although ther is one thing her scenes are missing and that of course is some anal!!!!

Comment #5

Pretty cool that Hailey Young makes a second guest appearance this week. It's funny that in the runs that Keiran had with Austin, the most she wore was an apron. Her bowl of head looks like she's spooning it to her mouth. Now how awesome is that? I'm guessing that all the candles being lit was to help with the lighting. It's a shame it didn't help cause this had some hot action. The doggy started good then the camera angle changed and ruined it. I'm not even a fan of mish but that looked hot as fuck. Pure wetness is all I felt as I watched her ride and grind on his cock. Way to finish up the week ZZ. Snoogans!

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