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Mommy Got Boobs presents: Busty Wife fucks helper on couch while husband is sleeping

Scene Title: A Drunk For A Husband

Storyline: Mrs. Silver had Ralph help her bring her husband home. They were all very drunk , so once Her husband was asleep , Alexis decided that Ralph could not drive home as drunk as he was. When a kiss goodnight came into play they started being all over each other right in front of the husband, sleeping on the couch. You could tell Alexis needed a big young dick and she got all she wanted...

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Comment #1

Alexis has great tits and one of the prettieset cunts in the business. Can we have more fingering shots, please?

Comment #2

I fucking love Alexis Silver. That English accent talking dirty plus those fucking huge natural tits makes me so fucking hard! Now thats how I would cum if given the chance to hit that! Alexis gives me the greatest cumshots as she is so sexy with that trash mouth!

Comment #3

She is fucking sexy, her lips make me hard. need more scenes from her. sexy tits and feet.

Comment #4

Shiiieettt, this was fuckin hot. Glad Alexis is back, she still looks good, I like her hairstyle. You'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who makes sexier facial expressions in her scenes. Her shoes were dumb hot, but I'm disappointed she took them off cuz her left foot is messed up in the toes. I like how they kept having to be quiet in order to keep from waking the husband. BTW - I think it's hilarious you're using Dick Nasty as an extra, is he still performing? The only thing I will say about Ralph tell him to - lose the feaux-hawk unless he gets his hair cut in that style, cuz it looked turrble

Comment #5

It is great to have Alexis back. Just love those natural tits and her cocksucking. Let's have more

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